If you want to become a member of the local capital market, buy or sell securities, financial derivatives and route your capital as you see fit, you can use brokerage services provided by MFX Trading Investment Company.

Brokerage services are carried out by the supervisory body of our company, consisting of fully licensed professionals.

The company provides brokerage services for the purchase and sale of corporate (shares, bonds) and government securities, as well as derivative financial instruments through the electronic trading system of the Baku Stock Exchange in exchange for a commission calculated according to the tariff plan.

The scheme of intermediary actions in the provision of brokerage services is as follows.

• A "Brokerage Agreement" is signed between the company and the client.

• If the client has a depo account, an order is issued to it, otherwise a depo account is opened on behalf of our client in the central depository. A depo account is an account opened at the National Depository Center for keeping securities, and the issue of securities issued in Azerbaijan is carried out only by the National Depository Center. The ownership of the security is confirmed by the provision of a statement from the depo account.

• The client submits an order (buy / sell) to the broker for any deal on the exchange.

• The party acting as the buyer ensures that the money is transferred from the bank account to the clearing account in accordance with the order volume.

• According to the session of the exchange trading system, customer orders are placed on the platform by segments.

• The client is provided with a report on completed operations (transactions) in the exchange trading system.

• Commissions, calculated in accordance with the company's tariff plan and indicated in the report, are paid by the customer in non-cash form.