Underwriting is the placement of securities (registration and sale) at the expense of the issuer or on behalf of the issuer.

“MFX-Trading Investment Company” OJSC acts as an underwriter, issues securities of the issuer in the primary market within underwriting operations, concludes transactions, and also participates in the process of emitting securities of the issuer and oversees the registration of the issue at the Central Bank. Completes the issue and full placement of securities.

The underwriting scheme is as follows.

  • Preparation of a prospectus

  • Preparation of a solution on the issue of securities

  • Preparation and submission of documents to the Central Bank and state registration of securities

  • Application to NDC, preparation of required documents and submission to NDC

  • Preparation and application of documents required for inclusion in the list

  • Notice of information provided in the issuer's report

  • Report on the results of the issue

  • Offer potential buyers for the sale of newly issued securities on the primary market and provide the issuer with all necessary assistance in the placement of bonds.