The global financial markets offer investors different income opportunities on a daily basis. You can invest in your future by adding stocks, currencies, commodities and various assets to your portfolio. The “MFXTrading Investment Company” OJSC offers its clients professional management services.

When creating a portfolio we take into account changes in the global economy, we identify global economic trends for each specific situation and make decisions based on the results.

We strive to create customized portfolios and generate expected returns by building various risk / return strategies in order to meet clients' income expectations.

The various portfolios can be as follows:

  • Stock and Index Portfolio

  • Tradable Equity Index (ETF) Portfolio

  • High-risk derivatives and equity portfolio

  • Currency and derivatives portfolio

  • Portfolio collected for hedging transactions

  • Mixed and diversified portfolios

When designing and managing a portfolio, both classic strategies and strategies based on effective (high risk) or individual client expectations are used. In addition, the strategies that are or will be used in portfolio management are discussed with clients, potential risks are fully disclosed.